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A once-in-a-lifetime experience

The exchange was a great experience as you could live like a real American student. The days passed by so fast, I wish I could stay longer in the US. The best activity was the trip to Lake Michigan with wind, rain and impressive waves. Sven

The exchange was definitely an amazing experience. The most important thing for me was to see lots of places and to get to know all kinds of new things here in America.I would say that it also improved my English a lot and for sure I strongly recommend doing this exchange. Lea

For me, the best thing about the exchange was that we actually lived with an American family. That way we could really get to know their culture and enjoy the trip. Philipp

The exchange programme was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I got to know another family and their lifestyle and made a lot of new friends. We all learned to be more open for different cultures and improved our English. That’s why I think that everyone who gets the chance to be take part in such a programme should definitely do it. Anna

I think the trip to America was awesome as I met so many new people and had so much fun. I am really sad I can’t stay longer. Jimmy

To me, the most important aspect of the exchange was to have fun with all the exchange partners and to build a group of friends.
The best event was definitely the second football game in Dexter.
It showed me how different people celebrate sports in the US compared to Germany.
If there is one thing I learned in this exchange, it will probably be the experience that you can communicate even if you don’t know the exact words. Maria

The exchange was very cool and I learned a lot. It helped to improve my English and I also experienced how Americans celebrate Halloween. The coolest thing we did was a two-days trip to Chicago where we went shopping and where we visited the museum of ice cream. Benno

I really enjoyed the exchange because I made a lot of interesting experiences. In a short period of time I have made new friends, German ones as well as American ones. Lotta

The event I liked best was the Pistons game because I have always wanted to watch an NBA game. I also loved the ice rolls which we ate in a shopping mall. The most memorable experience was living with an American family and experiencing their every day life. I was stunned by the many dead animals at the roadside. I also learned some new words like “parachute“ and “cadaveric“. Andreas

For me, best event during the exchange was the corn maze because everyone, Americans and Germans, we’re doing something together, having a lot of fun. I think that there’s a great difference between living in America and living in Germany and I am very glad that I could experience these differences myself. Johanna

My favourite moment during this trip was the football game because everyone was cheering and they all were in such a good mood. I also enjoyed meeting new people and witnessing the lifestyle and traditions of America. Magdalena

One of the most important things for me was to make new experiences. I also met a lot of new people and had an awesome time with them. Also, the few days I spent at American middle school were quite different from my usual school days in Germany. Johann

My best experience on this trip was meeting new people. It was also pretty interesting to explore the differences between America and Germany, or Europe in general. Jazmin

The most important thing about this exchange for me were the people I met, the new friends I made and the bonds we now share. Lukas


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