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November 4

Today we went to school again, where we had a workshop about the problems disabled people, like blind people, have at school and how we can solve these problems to improve the school community. Then the students had to make a presentation about what they want to do after middle school, like the classes they want to take in high school or the universities they want to attend during Tech Ed . In the last lesson, which was French, they had a test. It was unusual that the students were allowed to do it on their laptops instead of writing on paper, which would normally have been the case in Germany. 

In the evening we went to the football game Dexter vs. South Lions, which was a blast because of the whole atmosphere with the marching band,  the fans and of course the match itself. The final score was 24:7.

Philipp Hegemann

Great murals at the high school

At the middle school, there are three different types of classes. Ms. Rist and I attended the lessons of a summit class because it is very different from our classes back home. Everybody works at their own pace and chooses from lots of different tasks. So, during one period the kids either did Maths, English or History. Then it was time for a special project about the lives of people with various disabilities.

First, there was a class on the ADA, the Americans with Disabilities Act. Then they did a disability awareness workshop and found out about the accessibility of their school building. The highlight was trying out a wheelchair. To assess the accessibility of their building, they measured the size of the bathroom stalls, found out if someone sitting in a wheelchair could open the doors or reach the fire alarm buttons etc. Afterwards they talked about their experiences. One kid mentioned that you cannot reach the top shelf of a locker while sitting in a wheelchair. They also discussed how they could make things easier for physically handicapped students. The next part of the project was a presentation by a blind community member, the main point being that one should always ask a disabled person if one can be of any help and accept it if they want to master a challenge independently. During the next part of programme, everybody got to choose two films to watch to find out about a wider range of disabilities, which was possible because all kids had their own laptops and earphones. The morning ended with a reflection about the morning and then it was time for lunch.

Esther Biber


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